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WOD 23Mar09

Remember When This Was Easy?

10 Burpees

50M Wheel Barrows


First, Karens back!  Melissa was able to get up into position for the WB, no easy feat, especially after just having a baby.  Lori, of course, loved every minute of it and thanked me profusely for enriching her life so thoroughly!  Night class was even more interesting due to all of the rain, Frank thought he needed gardening gloves to perform the w/out, lost his pants halfway through, dropped Karen on the concrete, instead of the grass.  And, of course, the sisters!  Colleen and Kathleen had the most fun planting one another into the wet ground, this was a good one for pics!  Great job everyone!  Still lookin for my long, lost Alli, Chris, Kelly and Sharon!


3 comments to WOD 23Mar09

  • lori

    Is this a workout or a comedy skit? Oh wait all the sore muscles in my back tell me it was definatly a workout! Thanks again Master Natalie!

  • lori

    To answer your question, no I don’t remember it ever being easy!

  • Nat

    So this workout was a lot of fun, beats the heck out of a globogym! It’s workouts like this that make the words workout and fun synonymous! Is anyone besides me feelin that yet?!

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