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WOD 18Apr09

Burpee 1/4 Mile

Perform a burpee, then follow up with a long jump for a total distance of 1/4 mile.

So, I tried to convince everyone how kind I was by making this only 1/4 mile instead of the 1 Mile I’ve seen done.  It only lasted about two minutes, this was brutal!  Most of us can perform burpees for quite a while but adding the long jump at the end was tough!  Definitely need to work more on our power moves!




4 comments to WOD 18Apr09

  • Nat

    A couple things; Frank looks like he peed himself (welcome to the club), everyones hands are raw from all the burpees, oohrah! We all needed a smoothie break after this one! Kelly smoked us all and kudos to Sharon who hung in there with us and didn’t run away screaming!

  • Allison

    I thought Saturday’s were suppose to be fun? ; ) Jk
    I cant imaging doing that for a mile! … baby steps

  • Frank

    The last pic descrbes our trainer,,except it should say crazy lady!!! This work out kicked my butt. Once again the ladies killed me, but with my new tat I will be leading the way soon.

  • Frank

    So that sign I took the pic of has nothing to do with CrossFit, or me. We have some neighbors that have an unfortunate situation next door to them, love the sign, thought it would fit with the workout. Shout out to Wes and Peter, keep the humor goin!

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