Genes Testimonial

My name is Gene Haines and I’m a 41 year old police officer. Working out has never really been my thing, just the usual high school stuff. My lifestyle became work, take care of family, eat and have fun! Of course, this all caught up to me in a big way when I was put on cholesterol medicine at the age of 32.

I changed my eating habits for a while, but like most, I slipped back into the usual routine. My friends Frank and Natalie Arena started CrossFitting and told me I would love it, knowing fully well that I would not! Eventually Natalie started her own affiliate here in Clearwater, Fl, and the pestering continued.

I watched for a while as Frank got stronger and healthier and finally decided to give it a shot. I did not have fun. I ended every workout for the first month on the ground, gasping for air while Natalie continued to shout encouragements at me; what a pain in the A$$!!

After a while, although it took me a while to admit it, I was enjoying it, and losing weight! I’ve now been doing CrossFit for eight months, I’ve lost thirty pounds, my waist is the size it was in college, and I’ve had to buy all new clothes. The most amazing change has been that I am no longer on cholesterol medicine. I am completely addicted to CrossFit, I love the group aspect of it. Everyone is like family, texting one another with PR’s, and setting times to work out together. I am healthier and stronger than I’ve been in my whole life!

CrossFit is the best!

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