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CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

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Operation Phoenix Widget


15 – 12 – 9

Double Unders


Wall Ball

KB Swings

Box Jumps

Ab Mat Situps With Wall Ball


Turkish Getups

*Today we had Lisa, Whit and Angelina visit us and they smoked through Domino!  Hope you had fun.  Elvin also worked out with us and met Pukie, awesome!


8 comments to 18Jun10

  • Pete

    Check out Korie’s gun. :-)

  • Gramps

    This Wod needs to be named “What the F*ck?”
    Myline- No weight in your Turkish GetUps ??????????
    Great job everyone!

  • mylene

    the weight was so very small you can’t see it. used the pink five pound weight, bum knee…hell to do a turkish get up.

  • Pachrix

    Awesome WOD! Nat you are completely insane coming up with these WOD’s but I love it. Keep them coming. GOOD JOB EVERYONE.

  • I had a great time! Thanks for taking it easy on me the first day. You can load me up next time….I’m ALMOST ready to earn a pukey!!!

  • Natalie Arena

    Holy crap, look at the guns on Korie!!

  • Michelle

    Quotes of the day:
    “THAT is some OTHA shit!”
    “Ya’ll were trying to kill me, do ya’ll have a grave yard in the back were you bury your dead”
    “I really thought I was going to leave this world, tell my momma I love her” LOL
    Elven Sheppard

    I really feel bad for anyone who tries to date me

  • Natalie Arena

    Dont feel bad for them, they are lucky! Nobody likes a sissy man!

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