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email: nat<at>crossfitcorps<dot>com

Natalie Arena

phone: 603-832-3969
Natalie served in the Marine Corps for five years as an F/A-18 plane captain/ jet mechanic; this was where she fell in love with intense, functional fitness. She was a NASM personal trainer for 10 years and has her B.S. in Biology with a minor in Exercise Physiology. She attended the CrossFit Level I Certification in June of 2008 at Camp Pendleton and has been training CrossFit exclusively ever since. In September of 2009 she attended CrossFit Kids certification at Brand X CrossFit in Ramona, Ca. and this May 2010 she completed the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification.

email: Mmethot.CFC<at>gmail<dot>comphone: (727)481-2289

Michelle Methot

Michelle Methot is a St. Petersburg native and has been active her entire life. Prior to CrossFit, Michelle was a professional dancer, dance instructor and choreographer. She danced professionally and taught many dance techniques for over 6 years. Michelle fell in love with the CrossFit method of training about two years ago and it has completely transformed her life. In May 2010, she graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Anthropology. Later that month, Michelle competed with Gator CrossFit in the 2010 CrossFit Southeast regional competition. She was certified soon after and has been working as a trainer ever since.

email: lila<at>crossfitcorps<dot>comphone: 727-481-2278

Lila Methot

Lila was born and raised in St Petersburg and has always enjoyed being outside. She enjoys running, swimming, cycling and just playing with her four children. Lila is a triathelete and always looks for a new challenge! She has been an infant swim instructor, PE coach, kids running instructor and scuba diver. When she found CrossFit it was a perfect fit and hooked day one! She was the first client at CrossFit Corps, literally waiting for the garage door to open. She attended CrossFit Corps for a year and became Level 1 certified in May of 2009. Nat and Lila both attended the CrossFit Kids certification in Ramona, CA in September 2009, and three of Lila’s children are active CrossFitters.

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